My thoughts so far #mosomelt

So we a bit in.

I’m finding this project very interesting.

A bit longer in writing this part of the blog but been trying to get my thoughts together and sit back and watch what is happening.

So when Dr Tom (that’s what us paramedics call him) starting talking about this project I thought yeah I “know about social media”, how hard can it be??? So over the last 5 weeks I have given it a go, spoken to my 14yr nephew and other staff in the department. I can now see how little I know.

So first up was getting signed up. I decided to stick with my twitter account name for most things I use on social media. “drivercook” was the first name one of my senior paramedics called me when I started in the ambulance service in 1998. Also a bit of a poke at those people who still think we only drive ambulances. Found the set up of it all easy. The biggest issue for me was being seen. I have felt uncomfortable with getting misunderstood in the comments I make given now we are judged on what we say on social media.

Then the Vine introduction. Wow this drove me crazy. Nothing seemed to express what I wanted to say in 6 seconds. Then when I did get it right. I forgot to save it and lost my chance at getting an Oscar for my 6sec work. I got talking to my 14 year old nephew about Vine…. his answer was “vine, that so old school”. I was thinking I’m just understanding this. Showed me that all this social media stuff is moving so fast that we need to keep adjusting how we use it. Although I’m still guessing we will never be able to use “snapchat” to teach. But as an assessment maybe???

Still coming to grip with google+. Find it gives me so many alerts that I’m unsure what to read. I was traveling to Blenheim with my dad so missed the handover session. But am looking forward to watching it.

So far I’m watching this and seeing that this social media stuff has legs for our program. It’s just a matter of playing with it and seeing what can work.

Looking forward to getting the time over the next few days to further play.

Have a great Easter!!!!

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