Write it down!!!!!!! But then it is real!!!!!!!!!!!!! #mosomelt

It’s funny.  I’m an ideas guy.  Always have been but these great ideas just float around in my head.  I talk to my closest workmates about them.  And then they usually stay there.  And for me it is much easier to talk than to write about my ideas.  I can hear the team say “video them”, my answer is but I’m still trying to work out my best side!!!!

You see the thing is if you write something down in a social media area or so, you kind of need to follow through. And like most people failing is something that I think really sucks. And going againist what we have always done is hard.

But here goes!!!!

Idea 1) Video blog of first IV placement in pt.  I think this has legs.  If I can get it to work with my 2nd year Haemodynamics student the plan is as follows.

1- Get those students who want to be a part of this to use the app Vyclone with at least one other student and discuss there first IV on a pt. After the fact of course.  The idea being is we get some raw reflection between new students and learning. 3mins of video can show me as a lecture a lot.  Still working on rules and I will hope to get a video up of chatting about my first IV which I can still remember. (watch this space).

Idea 2)

One of the things that I find very hard to teach is Scene Safety in the first 3 or so minutes of a job.  Without scaring the shit out of your students by having someone with a knife in the practical assessments it is very hard.  Although my threats of bring my dogs for the assessments seemed to work.  As we just finished assessments and 9/10 students asked about dogs!!!

So does Google Cardboard have a place for this??? We could teach this in a safe way with the whole class.  We could pre film and let the students be in the scene and learn that they do need to look around and not just walk toward the pt.

Anyway more to come!!!!! My mind is always going!!!!

This writing it down stuff seems to work!!!! I might just have to do something with theses!!!!

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