Google Docs.. Where have you been??? #mosomelt


So last week I started to roll the ball with an idea that I had last year as a part of the #mosomelt last year.  The idea that we could get Virtual Reality into our assessment and tutorials and this would therefor help our students in getting the scene they at too work for them and use the information at the scene to help them to treat their patient. They say good things take time but I’m embarrassed to say this is taking too much time.  I could give you some reasons but at the end of the day they would be excuses. Thankfully Thom has hung around and put up with me.

Some of it comes down to being scared of the idea not working.  What if the students don’t get into?? What if my idea doesn’t work outside my head??  Cause everything works in my head.

So I started with writing a proposal to Samsung for some gear we need.  Again this is new for me.  Kind of hard to go to a company and ask for equipment for an idea that may or may not work.  However, there is lots of help on Youtube!!!!!!  Not sure the guys liked my first draft which started with “Hey Samsung give us some free shit!!!!”  I thought it was straight to the point.

So last year Thom was carrying on about Google docs.  Well this is the first time I started using google docs.  And wow. I have found that I keep watching and looking for changes.  Thom was the first and gave us the body of what we needed to say.  Steve has seen it and now waiting for him to put his 10 cents in.  I find myself checking my phone to see if he has done it yet.  Patience is not something I have been good at.  I look forward to getting this proposal into Samsung’s hands.

This week I also opened my google community to my students in my paper.  Mixed results.  Some of it was my fault.  I spoke about it in a lecture and then just hoped to see some students show up.  Well I spend the first 2 days watching as no one showed up.  So then I advertised on blackboard and some started to show up.  So lesson learnt that I need to sell it better and make is easier to join next semester.  Also I find that there are students in the “just tell me what I need to do to pass” club. I wonder how to get these students engaged.

Crazy what you learn when you open to it.


Twitter and other things in between #mosomelt

So has been an interesting week with exploring Twitter.

Monday we were having a discussion about Ketamine (a drug that is used in Paramedicine and by vets). It seems to be a drug that divides medics. It is also a new drug that medical staff are still learning about. There seemed to be 2 very strong views in the office. I thought that I would fire out a tweet to a Dr I knew had done a lot of study in ketamine. Not really thinking anything would come out of it. Was surprised when within 10 minutes he come to the tweet with opinions and studies. A few other doctors from around the world pitch in too. Did help that he backed up what Stephen and I were talking about. Was interesting how small the world was because of Twitter.

This then lead on to my experience with Twitter on Tuesday where I fired out a tweet with the video attached below. I have a strong interest in FOAMed. A movement that also divides the medical field. Some are for it and some against it. Even within our department. I put out a tweet with this video attached. Just stating that it was a very balanced view of FOAMed. There ended up being a very interesting discussion. Including the Dr in the video. I was also able to get interesting research articles about FOAMED.

Ended the day with revisiting the idea of #vrparamedicine. Now to write the letter…. more to come.



Silence…….. #mosomelt

Been an interesting week.
Have been meeting with Thom and 2 other of the paramedic lecture team over the summer. As usual I have lots of ideas and very hard to put them into practise.
Had my first lecture last week. As part of my 5 hrs lectures I had a good friend @paramedickiwi come in and discuss the global movement of FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical education). Was interesting to see their reaction to learning online and the use of Twitter in medical education. When asked about who in a class of 85ish used Twitter……. there was silent and 2 hands raised. I thought they would already know about some of the different learning materials out there online.
So moving forward I will continue to try and keep some use of FOAM within my teaching.
Looking forward to meeting with Thom, Hugo and Steve next week to discuss more ideas.
Looking forward to the start of the new learning with #mosomelt.

Baby Steps. #mosomelt

So another coffee chat with the paramedic team about moving forward with mobile devices in the classroom. 

Clinical Practice 1 stuff to look at.

● #autcp1
● small video for drugs
● moving paperbooklet to WordPress.
● using qr codes.
▪ simulation.
▪ PowerPoint

● Slideshare

☆ pt safety around posts.