Twitter and other things in between #mosomelt

So has been an interesting week with exploring Twitter.

Monday we were having a discussion about Ketamine (a drug that is used in Paramedicine and by vets). It seems to be a drug that divides medics. It is also a new drug that medical staff are still learning about. There seemed to be 2 very strong views in the office. I thought that I would fire out a tweet to a Dr I knew had done a lot of study in ketamine. Not really thinking anything would come out of it. Was surprised when within 10 minutes he come to the tweet with opinions and studies. A few other doctors from around the world pitch in too. Did help that he backed up what Stephen and I were talking about. Was interesting how small the world was because of Twitter.

This then lead on to my experience with Twitter on Tuesday where I fired out a tweet with the video attached below. I have a strong interest in FOAMed. A movement that also divides the medical field. Some are for it and some against it. Even within our department. I put out a tweet with this video attached. Just stating that it was a very balanced view of FOAMed. There ended up being a very interesting discussion. Including the Dr in the video. I was also able to get interesting research articles about FOAMED.

Ended the day with revisiting the idea of #vrparamedicine. Now to write the letter…. more to come.



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