So now it’s a real thing! #vrparamedicine #mosomelt

Wow…things can move fast. I’m writing this as I sit on a plane heading to Wellington heading to Student Paramedic Australaia Conference where I have been ask to present on “VR in Parameicine – the future as we see it”. Last minute ask but I will take it!! This is a conference for student paramedic who are starting in a career that I am very proud of and they are the future of my chosen profession. I have promised to put my PowerPoints up. Although I will remove the HOD favourite award photo Steve. Sorry.

Interesting that this weeks activitie is around online profiles. This is something that I have struggled with as it feels like a look how good I am sell job. Which I suppose it is but just hard to sell yourself. This made me think how Samsung must of looked at my email when I  sent it asking for stuff. I sure they would of though who is this clown asking for free stuff. If they had of looked, what would of they found in my online profile. I’m hoping the good stuff. And they don’t judge on some of those photos when I thought I was 10 feet tall and bulletproof. Thankfully they replied and we are meting with them next week.

So back to the exciting stuff. I had been speaking with my HOD about some of the VR stuff and he asked me to present something at a team meeting. So I put something together. We ran out of time in the meeting but the key being that the idea was down on paper. I sent it through to Tony. And as it stands he has presented it twice, once within AUT and once to a key industry company and low and behold they like the idea. So now it’s time to start writing a business plan and costing. Also a plan on how to put VR in to the Paramedicine program. Which will be good for my portfolio.

Just worked out I didn’t post this.

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